Need help designing your made-to-measure garden storage product and defining costs?

 Most Frequently Asked Questions

I want one NOW! How long does it take?

The lead time on fabrication is typically 6-8 weeks.  Once your order is accepted and the deposit is paid, we can confirm delivery dates in more detail.

 What is it made of?

In the main, Solid steel frames, and timber cladding. 

Where is this made?

Designed and made in Horley, RH6 9LB

What colour choice do I have?

Any colour of the rainbow and more.    

Is there maintenance required?

Very little.  The green roof may need a bit of TLC in a hot summer, although it is quite resistant to droughts.  We can provide you with a regular maintenance option.  

Can I have a different timber finish?

Yes, you can. Vertical or horizontal treated cladding, coated in any finish tone for an extra price.

Do I have to assemble it myself?

No, we come and install it all ready for you to enjoy.  

How many bikes will a shed hold?

Any number that you need storing only limited by the space you have. 

For reference, a single bike requires a space of 600mm x 2000mm and about 1250mm in height if stored horizontally.  Vertical storage solutions are also possible and are often required in smaller spaces. 

We will discuss your requirements and design a solution within the space you have for the needs you have, all measurements will be confirmed for your site as part of our design process.  

Is it just for bikes?

Bikes, bins, baby prams, wood logs, tools, mowers, postal/mail packages, family heirlooms, motorcycles, automobiles.  We even do garden rooms! 

We have not had requests for anything bigger but if you challenge us, we may take it on.

It's a secure, outdoor, storage unit - although fairly well ventilated, it is not heated and not ideal for storing things that are sensitive to heat/humidity fluctuations. 

Do you cover the whole of UK?

Yes we do. We will talk to anyone who wants some of this, for a price.

What about outside the UK?

We are exploring routes to Europe, watch this space.   For now, if you are infinitely wealthy and money is just not the point, then, you know - get in touch!

What's the cost?

  •  Green roof Bike shed 2000mm long X 900mm Wide 2800£ plus VAT
  • Bike Shed + 1 bin: 2600mm Long X 900mm Wide. £3,100 plus VAT
  • Bike Shed + 2 bins: 3200mm Long X 900mm Wide. £3,550 plus VAT
  • Bike Shed + 3 bins: 3800mm Long X 900mm Wide. £3,850 plus VAT

We endeavour to give you a rough quote within 24 hours of your enquiry based on the information you provide us.