About Us

At Atlanticbike, we pour our shared love of craft, nature, and adventure (on wheels or not) into every project. We take pride in creating pieces that will stand the test of time while treasuring our planet.

Our story begins in Galicia, on the rugged Atlantic coast of Northern Spain, where founder Xose spent his childhood exploring the windswept beaches and verdant forests on two wheels. It was this connection to nature that inspired his creativity and sustainable mindset.

A true maker at heart, Xose honed his skills tinkering with metal, timber, and living materials from a young age.   

In 2017, Xose was struck with a revelation: there had to be a better way to store bikes and other equipment at home. He envisioned a space that was not only secure and organized, but that also reflected his environmental values.

And so Atlanticbike was born.

Today, our team handcrafts custom huts, sheds, shelters, and storage using upcycled and responsibly-sourced materials. Each structure is designed to enhance your life while minimizing waste. Our bespoke approach means we can build to suit the exact needs of your home and hobbies.

Please get in touch to learn more about how we can build the perfect living space for you.