Green Roof products.

Front door or side double door? Depending to your space, you could decide. They are ideal for the front or rear garden. Solid and adaptable bicycle sheds. We can adjust designs to compliment your space, dimensions, and budget.

 The standard bike shed is 2000mm Long X 1000mm wide and 1200mm to 1300mm high (slope diference 100mm). You could customized your one adapting to your space, needs and garden.



  • Powder Coated metal frame (Client choose the color).
  • Treated Cladding.
  • Galvanized roof.
  • Locinox Lock.
  • Adaptable dimensions, design and features.
  • No visible bolts&nuts.
  • Welded frames and hinges.
  • Low maintenance sedum green roof.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Completed installation included.


Installation included, £2590 plus VAT.  (type of design, decking platform, travel distance and other features could alterate the price)


 We pride ourselves on adapting to clients needs and finding the best solution in any available space!